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HALBION - 2000x

06.02.2021 - CHANGELOG # 3

We present the changes as of 06/02/2021

1. The effect of Premium stones has been changed:
- Jewel of Level - The maximum level that can be obtained after using a stone is now +15
- Jewel of Full Option - The minimum number of exc options to use a pebble is now 1
2. Banned words filter removed. From now on, the server will not censor any words, however, please remember about your personal culture. In some situations the server will block the ability to write to / post
3. Improved display of the ranking on the website, including Grand Resets
4. Fixed warp for Debenter and Nixie Lake. You can move from 380 lvl
5. Added Mystery Stick, Violent Wind Stick to Silver Medal / Starter Ring 40 lvl
6. Added Red Wing Stick, Ancient Stick to Gold Medal / Box of Luck / Starter Ring 80 lvl
7. Fixed Phoenix Soul Star drop - Now You can drop it from monsters in LaCleon2, Debenter, Nixie lake and Acheron

Posted 06 / 02 / 2021 By ManiacADM

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